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JAN-DEC 2018 Meeting Minutes

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May 9th, 2018 Meeting at McAllister's Deli on Pass Road, Biloxi at 5:30pm. Members present, Sunya Laws, Anita Sanzin, April Sanzin, Paula Koen, Sherry Bass, Betsy Sramek, Pat Brown, Alicia Urbanitch, Robert Rice, Margaret Cleavenger, Wendy Wilkins, Virginia Kenny,   Sponsor and Guest Speaker is Elaina From Stryker. CEU offering on .    Meeting was called to order by Madame President: Topics: (Business Meeting Agenda: Election of new officers.  Presentation of Ballots.  Review of current officers and offices open for re-election.  Review of eligible members.  Voting and results.
Fundraising:  Garage sale donations accepted. Event is set for May      2018.  Funds raised will go toward our nursing chapter scholarship fund in memory of Kimberly Watts.
Financial Report:  Virginia.

April 2018 Garden Park Medical Center Classrooms. Members Present:

March 5, 2018  Meeting Place Garden Park Medical Center
Members present: Anita Sanzin, Alicia Urbanitch, Betsy Sramek, Kristin Mate, Kasey Marin (new attendee), Lindsey Biss, Scott Thllemer, Patricia Brown, Wendy Wilkins, Margaret Clevenger, Ashley Costello, April Sanzin, and Mary Thompson.
Minutes from last meeting reviewed, no changes.minutes approved. Upcoming event: Garage Sale April 14th Anita house. Education offering: handouts on Malignant Hyperthermia. Financial report: current balance Hancock bank: $2454.91. $580 to Anita for Congress registration.
Fundraising: Anita to check on booth for fundraising at Congress. Delegates:  Anita, Wendy, and Scott:  alternate delegate-April Sanzin.   Charities:  Want to give 20% of proceeds from garage sale to the Kim Watts Scholarship Fund.  Notes:  (1)Several members would like access to update the website and Facebook page. 
(2) April 28th: Hope Academy Health Fair, Lynn requested volunteers to participate. (3) Wine Basket Raffle for April - bring wine items to April meeting (4) Not everyone is receiving emails, specifically names with asterisk. Elections in May: Volunteers for May ballot.
Next Meeting: April 2nd TBD, sponsor is  RBC Medical May (date TBD) sponsor Stryker . _________________________________

Feb 5, 2018 Meeting Place: Patio 44, Biloxi, MS. 5:30pm. hosted by  Cassell, Evan with MiMedx.  Members present:  Anita Sanzin, Sherry Bass, Alicia Urbanitch, Pat Brown, Robert Rice, April Sanzin, Betsy Sramek, Sunya Laws, Bonnie Garrett, Marjorie Allen, Paula Koen, Mary Thompson, Kasey Marin, Lavonna Gardner, Renee Marcellus, Denise Langlinais, Ashley Costello, LaChonda Oneal, Kristin Mate.  Meeting was called to order by Madame President Anita Sanzin.  Reviewed last meeting minutes. Approved. discussed fundraising ideas- garage sale, boston butt or Easter Egg raffle.  Will table for next meeting.  Discussed our scholarship and goals for coming school year.  Discussed Congress attendees: Anita, Wendy and Scott. They are confirmed to attend as delegates in New Orleans conference next month.  BUSINESS MEETING at 1830:  Officers present, Anita, Alicia, Robert, Paula, Pat, Mary and Sunya. Made revisions to Chapter By-Laws, reviewed CAN-SPAM act (no changes).  1st Motion by Sherry to fund our chapter president's per diem for Congress, 2nd by Robert. 1st motion by Anita to pay for Sunya membership dues, 2nd by Robert. All agreed to both motions. Next meeting March 5th, location and sponsor TBA.  Meeting adjourned at 1930.
January 8, 2018---------Meeting place: Keesler AFB clinical research lab 5:30 pm hosted by Scott Thallemer Keesler AFB. Company: Davinci Robotics Success.  Members present:  Virginia Kenny, Robert Rice, Sunya Laws, Alicia Urbanitch, Debbie Henley, Rochelle Haynes, Scott Thallemer, Kim Migyoing, Patricia Brown, Marla Cantrell, Margaret Clevenger, Ashley Costello, Cindy Powell, Betsy Sramek, Sherry Bass, Ivory Dixon, Paula Koen, Anita Sanzin, April Sanzin, Michael Laws, and Wendy Wilkins. Meeting called to order by Madame President Anita:  Delegate candidates confirmed: Anita, Wendy Wilkins and Scott Thallemer and alternate will be April Sanzin.    Discussed fundraising ideas, garage sale in April, but need to pick a location.  Will readdress.  Need to discuss upcoming officer re-elections scheduled for May.  Next meeting scheduled for Feb 5th Patio 44 Biloxi 5:30 pm.

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