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Office information to be updated yearly.  Officer terms are from July to July of next year.

Election of 2017-2018 Officers
President: Anita Sanzin  (serves 1 yr)

 President-Elect Wendy Wilkins (serves 1 yr)

 Vice President Paula Koen (serves 1 yr)

Board Members: Pat Brown (has served 2 yrs, steps down
April Sanzin (has served 2 yrs, steps down
 Len Thompson (served one yr, must serve another
Alicia Urbanitch (served one yr, must serve another

Nominating Committee Cindy Powell (has served 2 yrs, steps down)
Robert Rice (must serve 2 years, another yr to serve
Bonnie Garrett (must serve 2 years, another yr to serve)

Treasurer: Virginia Kenny  Secretary/Website Sunya                                             

Election of New Officers 2016-2017
President-Betsy Sramek (serves 1 yr)
President Elect- Anita Sanzin (serves 1 yr)
Vice President -Paula Koen (serves 1 yr)
Secretary-Sunya Laws (has served 10 yrs)
Treasurer-Virginia Kenny (has served 10+ yrs)
Nominating Committee-Cindy Powell (to serve 2 years)
Margie Allen (to serve 1 more yr)
Lynn Thompson (serves 1 more yr)
Board Members- Debbie Henley (serves 1 more yr)
Pat Brown (serves 2 more yrs)
April Sanzin (serves 2 more yrs)
Lora Brewer (serves 1 more yr)

Election of New Officers 2015-2016
Members present- Paula Koen, Margie Allen, Sherry Bass, Mary Thompson, Virginia Kenny, Debbie Henley. Virginia gave report or finances and discussed fund raisers. Officers elected.
New Officers
President- Sherry Bass
President Elect- Betsy Sramek
Vice President- Bob Smith
Secretary- Sunya Laws
Treasurer- Virginia Kenny
Board Members
Debbie Henley
Alicia Urbanitch
Laura Brewer
Nominating Committee
Lynn Thompson
Margie Allen
Wendy Wilkins
Election of New Officers 2014-2015
President Elect-Carol Sue Yon
Current President- Paula Koen
Vice President- Bob Smith
Board Members: Alicia Urbanitch, Paula Taylor and new officer Lora Brewer
Nominating Committee  Wendy Wilkins, Betsy Sramek, and Debbie Henley
Secretary/Website Designer: Sunya Laws
Treasurer:  Virginia Kenny
Election of New Officers 2013-2014

President Elect- Paula Koen

Vice-President – Betsy Sramek

Secretary- Sunya Laws

Treasurer- Virginia Kenny

Board Members – 2nd Year- Sherry Masters

New- Alicia Urbanitch

Paula Taylor

Nominating Committee- 2nd Year – Ivory Dixon

New- Sarah Lee


Officers 2012-2013
President Elect: Debbie henley
President:  Betsy Sramek
Vice President:  Sherry Bass
Board Members: Sherry Masters, Paula Koen, Sue Yon
Nominating Committee:  Elberta Carter and Ivory Dixon
Secretary/Website Designer: Sunya Laws
Treasurer:   Virginia Kenny
Officers 2011-2012
President Elect:  Betsy Sramek
President:  Sue Bowers
Vice President:  Sherry Bass
Board members: Paula Koen, Sue Yon, and Debbie Henley (Debbie is replacing Dulcy who was originally elected during May of 2011, but moved out of the area)
Nominating committee:  Ivory Dixon, Elberta Carter and Ron Perrin
Treasurer: Virginia Kenny (recurring) and Secretary/Website Design Sunya Laws (recurring).
Officers 2010-2011
President Elect:  Sue Bowers
President:  Alicia Urbanitch
Vice President:  Betsy Sramek
Board Members:  New Member: Paula Koen, Current Members:  Carlis Daniels & Sherry Masters
Nominating Committee:  New Members: Debbie Henley & Ivory Dixon Current Member:  Tom Boswell
Secretary: Sunya Laws Treasurer: Virginia Kenny. (recurring)
Officers 2009-2010
President Elect:  Alicia Urbanitch
Present:  Mary Corley   
Vice President:  Gail Forrester
Board Members:  Carlis Daniels, Sherry Masters, and Sue Bowers
Nominating Committee: Ivory Dixon, Tom Boswell, & Karen Edwards
Treasurer:  Virginia Kenny   Secretary/Website Designer: Sunya Laws
Officers 2008-2009
President Elect:  Mary Corley
President: Betsy Sramek, Vice President:Sherry Bass, Nominating Committee: Debbie Henley (stays) Paula Koen & Ivory Dixon, Board members are: Anita Sanzin (stays), Shirley Gunter, Gail Recore & Sue Bowers, Treasurer: Virginia Kenny, Secretary/Website Designer Sunya Laws.


Officers 2007-2008

President: Tom Boswell

Treasurer: Virginia Kenny

Secretary:  Sunya Laws (website designer)

Vice President:  Mary Corley

President Elect:  Betsy Sramek

Board Members:  Alicia Urbanitch , Anita Sanzin

Nominating Committee:  Sherry Bass, Debbie Henley, Shirley Gunter 


Officers: 2006-2007 

Nominating Committee: Mary Corley & Sherry Bass

Vice President:  Betsy Sramek 

President: Anita Sanzin  2006-2007

President Elect:  Tom Boswell

Treasurer:  Virginia Kenny

Board Members:  Tammy Tabor & Alicia Urbanitch & Sandy Rutherford

Secretary Sunya Laws

May 2005-May 2006
President :  Sunya Laws
President Elect:  Anita Sanzin
Vice President:  Chris Poolson
Secretary:  Sandy Rutherford
Board Officers:  Tom Boswell & Mary Corley
Tammy Tabor & Penny Renwick (off in 2006)
Nominating Committee:  Lisa Mixon & Betsy Sramek (off in 2006
Treasurer: Sherry Bass
May 2004-2005
President:  Alicia Urbanitch
President elect: Sunya Laws
Vice President:  Chris Poolson
Nominating Committee:  Virginia Kenny
Secretary:  Sandy Rutherford
Board members:  Carolyn Cross, Tammy Tabor, Penny Renwick
Treasurer: Sherry Bass

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