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Letter from our Chapter President.

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Sue Bowers RN MHA CNOR

Mississippi Sound AORN Chapter President 2011-12

This year I intend to start the meeting promptly at 5:30. The meeting should last about 30 minutes. I hope to have a sponsor that will present an educational program for a specific length of time. THEN, we can have all the time we want to socialize and ‘network’. Bring a guest, even if they aren’t a member of AORN yet. For those members that can’t stay, we understand. We are busy nurses with busy lives and families.

Mark your calendars for next years’ meetings. They are held at Beef O’Brady’s on Hwy 49, Gulfport promptly at 5:30 on Tuesdays. Usually, they are the third Tuesday of the month, but Mardi Gras is February 21 so we delayed that meeting a week.

January 17

February 28

AORN Congress in New Orleans March 24-29

April 17

May 15

Congress is in New Orleans this year. We are considering chartering a bus or a limousine to take people for daily visits. If you are interested in going on any day, please let me know. There are daily registration rates of $215 (before 1/31/12) or weekly of $545 or $515 for a group (before 1/31/12). Congress is so close to home, there’s no excuse not to go!

I know I sound like a parrot. I am repeating the same ole message that the Presidents of Past have said. I guess we will keep saying it until we figure out how to do it.

We are 53 members strong. I know there are more dedicated, conscientious, professional Registered Nurses that consider themselves Perioperative Nurses on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I also know economic times are difficult now. (It costs $125 to join.) But, I firmly believe that it is important to be active in your professional organization and that the benefits and advantages are well worth the (tax exempt) membership fee of joining.

Clinical Journal: Members receive an annual subscription to the award-winning AORN Journal featuring the latest clinical, management, and research articles. You will also have access to the AORN Journal Online, which features full-text searchable archived issues.
Free with membership.*

The journal alone is worth the cost. Please encourage all the RN’s at your facility to take advantage of the many benefits available through AORN membership.

Continuing Education: Continuing education will help you strive for excellence. AORN’s education meets the learning needs of both clinicians and managers and covers a wide range of specialties. As a member, you receive over 25 FREE CEs, plus discounted member rates on education, events, and access to free online education resources.  

It’s nice to see and visit with everyone at the meetings, no denying that. At the same time, I want to make our time spent together meaningful. We seem to have a difficult time finding programs for our meetings. What is on the ‘top of your list’ these days; is it hand washing, some new item or device that you have recently started using, is a procedure specific to your facility? Please share it with your chapter. Contact the Clinical Sales Rep or whoever is responsible for that item/device/procedure.

Please talk to them about presenting an educational program to our AORN Chapter. It is always good to learn something new.

So, to wrap up:

1.       Encourage your peers to join AORN

2.       Attend AORN meetings (there’s only 5 more)

3.       Be active in finding programs for our meetings

4.       Attend Congress March 24-29


Sue Bowers RN MHA CNOR

President 2011-12

Hello Everyone: 
Mary Corley, RN, Mississippi Sound Chapter AORN 2009-2010 Chapter President.
I hope everyone had great summer vacations!  This is my first year as chapter president and I look forward to the many challenges that come with this great dynamic responsibility.  Chapter recruitment again is one of our top priorities, and I want to do some FUN activities that our chapter can get involved with.  Would like to do a charity project if possible and of course more fundraising!!  I look forward to getting together for these brainstorming meetings that I know will lead to a successful AORN year!!  Thanks for all your support.
Hello Everone:
I hope everyone had a great summer and has adjusted well to the perils of fall activities.  (Kids starting school, vacations over, etc..)  We hope to do a lot of fun things this year. Chapter recruitment again is one of our top priorities.  I will be heading up some great undraising ideas and I look forward to everyone's ideas and energy to make it a successful AORN year.  I hope to see everyone very soon.  Thanks.
Betsy Sramek, Your 2008-2009 Chapter President!!
Hello All:
I am very pleased to be your chapter president for the frirst time and I hope that we will have a lot of fun this year.  Although things are progressing well ,we still hope to improve chapter membership.  Anyone interested, come to our meetings and bring a friend.  We would love to see young OR nurses interested in our local chapter activities.  I am looking forward to getting to know everyone better, so see you in the near future.  Let's have a great AORN year!!
Your new Chapter President 2007-2008, Tom Boswell
Hello everyone:
I am so happy to be your new chapter president for the year 2006-2007.  We have experienced quite a traumatic event in our lives this past year.  We all are recovering as well as to be expected.  We look forward to having a good year and we continue to encourage everyone to get involved in our chapter events.  God bless you all and let's have a GREAT year.!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anita Sanzin, Chapter President 2006-2007.
Greetings to everyone:
It has been a pretty traumatic time for all of us on the Gulf Coast due to Hurricane Katrina.  Everyone has suffered losses due to this catastropic event and many of us have not yet recovered.  We continue to thrive as we attempt to put our lives back in order.  We are thankful for all of the support that we have received and appreciate all the hard work that supporting agencies has enacted to bring us back to the level of comfort we are accustomed to.  Our chapter goals remain the same in that we still encourage participation and welcome new members.  We understand the difficulties that Katrina-related victims are experiencing and we will try to keep updated information on the website and keep points of contact current as necessary.  Thanks to all and God bless everyone.
Sunya Laws, chapter president 2005-2006.
Hello to All:
I hope all had a great summer and stayed safe and hurricane free!!  We're planning an exciting year ahead.  Our goal is to expand our local chapter and welcome new members from all our surgical facilities in South Mississippi.  We plan to offer and educational session each meeting.  Currently, our meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday every other month starting in September through May, 6:00 p.m.  There is a dinner at 4:30 prior to the meeting if interested. Membership in AORN is not a requirement to participate, however, applications are available at the meetings.  We welcome ideas for educational offerings, meeting times and places.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone!! 
Alicia Urbanitch, chapter president 2004-2005. 

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