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Past/Archived Meeting Minutes

November 18, 2008:
Meeting at Red Eye Grill Biloxi Cedar Lake
Meeting called to order by madame President:  Betsy Sramek
Members Present:  Sherry Bass, Ivory Dixon, Anita Sanzin, Mary Corley, Virginia Kenny, Sunya Laws, Deborah Floyd, Any Yount, Debbie Henley, Shirley Gunter, Novalin Dodson, Paula Koen, Alicia Urbanitch, Mary Harvey, Karen Walley, Carlis Daniels-Hinton, Carol Susan Yon, Deborah McWilliams, Melissa Carriere, Cynthia Powell, Meri-Michaelle Pittman,
Review Last minutes
Delegate Selection Possibilities:  Betsy, Mary, Tom, Sue, Gail and Shirley, Carlis, Ivory, Melissa 
(we can send 3 delegates according to size of our chapter membership).  To be chosen next meeting.
Announcements:  Welcome guests Karen Walley.  Financial report:  Virginia:  need to reimburse Sherry 197,25 for previous funding for food for a meeting.  Voted and motioned to donate $100.00 to Brad Carrierre fundraiser .  Seconded and approved to donate. 
Fundraising for SEE's candy bars and ornaments in progress.  Candy bars are $36.00/box and ceramic ornaments are 10.00 each.  Facilities committed to sell ornaments:  Hancock-10. MHG-15  GCOSC-10 SR-10, OS-5, BR-15, GPOP-10, GP-10, VA-10, Keesler-5.
Suggestions for Christmas party:  Vrazel's, Great Southern Club, Montana's, The Dock, etc,... Sunya to coordinate and notify all of party time and location.  
1845:  meeting adjourned by president.
October 15, 2008 1700
Beef-O-Brady's Hwy 49 Gulfport
Meeting called to order by madame Vice President Mary Corley  (president unable to attend).
Members present:  Sherry Bass, Sunya Laws, Tom Boswell, Virginia Kenny, Sherry Masters, Sue Bowers, Gail Recore, Shirley Gunter, Paula Koen, Alicia Urbanitch, Carol McKnight, Mary Harvey, Anita Sanzin, Margaret Clevenger
Review Last minutes
Delegate Selection Possibilities:  Betsy, Tom, Sue, Gail and Shirley
(we can send 3 delegates according to size of our chapter membership).  To be chosen next meeting.
Announcements:  Welcome new member, Margaret from Keesler and Karen Walley GCOSC.
Will try to get Ivory to rejoin. Her membership expired.
Financial Report: Virginia- checking balance 3633.00.  CD #1 Hancock: 3340.00 and CD#2 Regions 3886.00.
Education: 2 CEU free from medscape nursing titled Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:  From Diagnosis to Management
Fundraising:  Betsy/Sherry to set up selling candy bars for fundraiser.  If we can make 1000.00 profit. Moved and 2nd to do this one.  We are asking that all coast facilities participate:  VA, Keesler, GP, MHG, BRMC, OS, Hancock, & GCOSC.
Virginia to bring us back more info on ceramic ornaments sales.  Minimum order is 100 which will cost 1250.00
Anita:  great fundraising idea to sell T-Shirts.  Will bring info next meeting and aim for sale after the holidays.
Local News/Events:  Lovenox Party on Nov 3rd at Vrazel's in Gulfport.  Sherry to follow up.  Presented our first color copy of our new logo that can used on correspondence, letterheads, envelopes, and etc,.  Everyone liked the lighthouse.
Next meeting, need to take officer pictures.
Meeting September 24, 2008 at 1700
Beef-O-Brady's Hwy 49 Gulfport
Meeting called to order by President Betsy Sramek
Members Present: Sherry Bass, Tom Boswell, Anita Sanzin, Mary Corley, Sunya Laws, Sherry Masters, Debbie Henley, Gail Recore, Paula Koen, Alicia Urbanitch, Kim Watts, and Mary Harvey, and Virginia Kenny.
Guest Speaker:  Connie from 3M. Presentation of products/Q&A.  Thanks to Connie for attending, very informative.
Review last minutes: Done.
Announcements: Welcome Back Mary Harvey from Iraq safely. 
Financial Report: Virginia - Checking balance 3, 943.78  Savings-Hancock CD#1 balance 3,247.60  Regions CD#2 3,886.08. 
Education: CEU to be presented at next mtg. Sunya: also, reminder we do have a point system in effect for members who want to go to Congress as  delegate. Our chapter will assist with expenses, registration, etc.. for members interested.  Anyone interested, please verbalize at next mtg.
Fundraising:  Betsy to set up selling choclate bars by World's Finest.  Silent Auction idea. Virginia to get with ClayCreations for Ornament sales.
Local News/Events:  Vivian is involved with Periop Course 101.   Upcoming Christmas party, Sherry to get some info from Great Southern Club, pricing/point of contacts/etc.. Sunya to check on Salute Restaurant on Hwy 49.  Sherry: Lovenox Rep would like to do a dinner, but no CEU offering.  Also, the OEC rep would like to be a sponsor.
Adjourned at 1830 
Time Location of next mtg:  Oct 15th 1700 at Beef-O-Brady's
Meeting  May 6, 2008
Look-Out 49 Hwy 49 Gulfport
Meeting called to order by President Tom Boswell
Members present: Sherry Bass, Betsy Sramek, Sherry Masters, Sue Bowers, Ivory Dixon, Gail Recore, Shirley Gunter, Mary Corley, Debbie Henley, Melba Moss, Deborah McWilliams Deborah Floyd, Amy Yount, Sunya Laws
Topics:  election of new officers: It was voted and the new officers for 2008-09 are as follows:
President: Betsy Sramek, Vice President:Sherry Bass, Nominating Committee: Debbie Henley (stays) Paula Koen & Ivory Dixon, Board members are: Anita Sanzin (stays), Shirley Gunter, Gail Recore & Sue Bowers, Treasurer: Virginia Kenny, Secretary/Website Designer Sunya Laws.
financial report(Virginia) checking balance-3083.72, Hancock CD balance-3247.60 Regions CD balance-3886.08.
Total approximately-$10,216
Education: Free CEU per Sunya
Vendor:  Ethicon Endosurgery
Clinical Issues: none
Christmas in July Dinner: discussed but not decided.
Stationary Letterhead (Sunya to follow up for next mtg.)
Fundraising:  Golf Tournament (Tom coordinating)
Christmas AORN Dinner (to be readdressed at next mtg)
Take summer off & resume in September!
Meeting adjourned at 1830.
Meeting April 16, 2008
Beef -O-Brady's Restaurant Hwy 49 Gulfport.
Meeting called to order by President Tom Boswell
Members present:  Ivory Dixon, Betsy Sramek, Melissa Carriere, Debbie Henley, Mary Corley, Sherry Bass, Paula Koen, Anita Sanzin, Virginia Kenny, Shirley Gunter, Mary Recore.
Topics:  Financials- voted to keep CDs where they are (Hancock and Region's Bank)  Draws really good interest if left alone. 
Fundraising:  Golf Tournament still on track.  Need golf teams.  Lots of vendors are participating.
Leadership Conference:  Voted to send Sunya to Denver (if no objections)
Education:  CEU offered from Medscape (Sunya)
Vendor sponsor dinner from Skytron (Jim Shilston).  Thanks so much.
Election of Officers:  Will vote at next meeting.  Ballots to presented and list of candidates.
Clinical Issues:  None
Next meeting:  TBA Date open, may be a called meeting
Meeting adjourned at 1800.
Meeting:  March 19, 2008 at 1700
Beef-O-Brady's Restaurant Hwy 49 Gulfport
Meeting called to order by President, Tom Boswell
Members present:  Sherry Bass, Sunya Laws, Debbie Henley, Gail Recore, Lynette Brown, Sherry Masters, Mary Corley, Rachel Driggs, Melissa Carriere, Gina Nye, Carol McNight, Anita Sanzin
1. Financial: Virginia:  balance $2668.71 in checking.  $300 come in from AORN for early registration of delegates due to arrive after April 18th (confirmed by Sunya and AORN chapter coordinator Debbie Warren in Denver).
Final profits from ornament sale?_Virginia to report by next meeting.
Finalized balances from checking and all CDs. $3886.08 in CD+2668.71=6554.79
Sunya received grant from AORN.
2. Thanks for vendor dinner/inservice
3. Welcome first time/new/returning members to meeting.
4. Education:  Free CEU offered by Sunya.  Also, Inservice from Stryker Endoscopy by Steve Jackson. Discussed Stryker's flexible scopes and specialty urology equipment offerings.   Enter drawing for door prizes.  Mary Corley won the Choclate Bunny.
Happy Birthday to Sherry and Virginia!!!  We know how young you are!! (smile).
5. Finalize Congress plans.  Who is staying where?  Sherry and Tom : entertainment coordinators to provide iteniary to all attendees via email. 
6. Leadership Conference in Denver in July  : Need to finalize plans to send Betsy. (will continue to follow up by next meeting.
7.  Fundraising: Tom (golfing tournament) Rough Draft of flyer presented.  Scheduled for May 18th at Pass Christain Isles Golf Club. Entry $65.00/person and hole sponsorship is $100.00
Sherry:  Zapfacts and Wound Closure Workshop: We still need committments of 10 people from each facility that wants to participate.  Debbie and Carol McNight will try.  We need a minimum of 30 people attending.
Sunya:  New motion/proposal to have 2 Christmas parties this year (depending on funding).  Would like to have one for OR Directors/and assistant mgrs and their Material's Management counterpart and the annual Mississippi Sound AORN Christmas party.  Motion 2nd, Sunya to coordinate.  High Cotton Grill and Darwell's in Long Beach are offered suggestions.  Sunya to follow up. 
Next Meeting:  April 16th 1700 at Beef O'Brady's in Gulfport, Hwy 49.
Meeting Adjourned at 1630 by Sir President.
Meeting:  February 20, 2008
Beef -O-Brady's Hwy 49 Gulfport
Meeting called to order by President, Tom Boswell
Members present:  Sherry Bass, Sunya Laws, Sherry Masters, Ivory Dixon, Josh Smithart, Melba Richardson, Rachel Driggs, Debbie Henley, Melissa Carriere, Gina Nye, Shirley Gunter, and Anita Sanzin.  Sunya: Welcome new members and first timers to meeting.
Topics:  Virginia-(Sherry Bass reporting in her absence). 1. Financial report: $2038.71 with $1000.00 outstanding. Received $1320.00 from Valleylab.  Our CD balance is $3340.00.  Also, we will receive $300.00 from AORN for early registration of delegates.  We will not receive money until after Feb 26th via electronically into our account.  Tom:  contacted by Region's bank regarding two CD's that was set up in the 1980's with a balance of $1141.91 and $2744.17 with total of $3886.08. 
2.  Education:  CEU offering of 1 contact hour from SPS medical cleaning, packaging,and sterilization of instruments module.  Powerpoint presentation presented by Sunya.  Verification Form completed by all members present.  Certificates to be mailed out to each person's address.
3.  Fundraising:  Virgina has one ornament left.  Alicia sent 2 by Sunya that she could not sell.  They were bought by Shirley and Ivory. (yaaa!!).  Funds given to Sherry Bass.  Sherry:  Would like to do another Zapfacts with Valleylab, but they must have a committment of 30 people within the next 2-3 weeks.  OR Directors to work together on and report next meeting on enrollment.  Sherry: Would like to propose a suturing class with RNFA's as instructors.  Debbie ,Mel and Alicia (absent) to participate.  Josh to contact the suture rep to provide lunch and/or breakfast.  Josh to report next meeting.  Tom:  Golfing fundraiser re-presented.  Tentative date is May 18th on Pass Isle Golf Course.  Would like to charge $25.00/person and start at 1300.  We provide hot dogs, beer, and soft drinks.  Offer to sell Mulligans also. Everyone to set the wheels in motion with golfers who may be interested.   Will need volunteers to help.
4.  Sherry:  Leadership Conference in Denver in July.  Sherry raised motion to send our President-Elect Betsy Sramek.  Mississippi Council will give $300.00 to help defray costs.  Motion 2nd by Sunya. So voted that Betsy will go to Leadership conference.
Tom: Next meeting to be on March 19th, Wed, 1700 at Beef-O-Brady's in Gulfport, Hwy 49.  Gina to reserve party room again.  Sunya to work on vendors to present inservice for next CEU offering.
Meeting:  January 16, 2008
Garden Park Medical Center 1st floor conference room
Meeting called to order by President, Tom Boswell
Members present:  Anita Sanzin, Sherry Bass, Mary Corley, Virginia Kenny, Ivory Dixon, Betsy Sramek, Gina Nye, Sherry Masters, Sunya Laws, and  Cindy
Topics:  #1: Delegates Selection:  Tom Boswell, Debbie Henley,and motion by Tom to appoint, Sunya Laws as 3rd delegate. Decided. Tom, Debbie, & Sunya.
#2:  Leftover ornament fundraiser. Virginia only one left with some to sell and she will continue to selling them. Profits to be discussed during financial report.
#3:  Virginia Financial report:   CD balance ($3000)  checking balance ($       )  $500 to each delegate to help with airfare, and registration, etc...
#4: Tom: future fundraiser. Decided upon golf tournament idea.  He will get with Windance and collect details on how to get it started.  Will have report next meeting.
#5:  Next meeting to be held at Beef O'Bradys, Gina to reserve party room so we can have privacy during meeting and dinner.   Sunya to arrange CEU.
Meeting:  December 15th
Christmas party at Emeril's Fish House at Island View Casino in Gulfport.  In Celebration of our Mississippi Gulf Coast OR nurses who work hard all to keep our patients safe in the surgical setting.
Meeting:  November 7, 2007
Garden Park Medical Center 1st floor conference room
Meeting called to order by President, Tom Boswell
Members present:  Anita Sanzin, Sherry Bass, Mary Corley, Virginia Kenny, Ivory Dixon, Carol McKnight, Betsy Sramek, Paula Koen, Lynette Brown, Alicia Urbanitch, Mary Thompson, Judy Gifford, Debbie Henley.
Topics: #1:  Delegate Selection (2) Motion to send Tom Boswell and Debbie Henley, 2nd by Sherry Bass.  Alternates are Mary Corley & Anita Sanzin.  $500.00 to each delegate to help with air fare, hotel, etc.
 #2:  Virginia financial report: We have $2,171.47 in our account as of Sep 30, 2007.  To facilitate our fundraising efforts for this year for the ornament sale, we paid out $1,119.95 to Gail Pittman, INC, attn: Lisa Reyes, 290 South Perkins Street, Ridgeland, MS.  39157. Order was for $1000.00 plus shipping & handling. Virginia also reported that we never received our share of profit from the recent Valleylab Zapfacts seminar back in March 2007.  Sherry Bass to follow up.
#3:  Officer business:  Previously named Lynette as an officer, but had to remove her from office due to her membership not being completed by her facility as they promised would be done.
#4:  CEU offering:  Free POWER-PAK C.E. on Evaluating Blood Glucose Monitors (2 contact hours) offered.  It expires May 21, 2009.  Ideas for future are to have our wound closure workshop and have our two RNFA members to teach it.  Will readdress later.
#5:  Hattiesburg chapter has disbanned.  Sherry to contact Beck Swann and follow up to see if they want to join ours. 
#6:  Fundraising:  Cruise idea discussed again, but feel we have waited to late to try and organize for the coming year.  Tom golfing idea is very viable, but must start directly after holidays are over to be ready by February 2008.  Ornaments will be here tentatively on Nov 15 or 19th.  If here on Nov 15, we are to meet at Applebees on Cedar Lake rd, Thursday at 4pm for pickup.  We bought 100 and hope each person can sell 10 at $15.00 each.
#7:  Christmas Party:  Received $100.00 gift certificate donation from Bruce Gramellion fromDeRoyal.  Contact made with other vendors have verbally confirmed but no funds received as of today.  Sunya to follow up.  Collected funds from our chapter members and decided that $10.00 person would be sufficient to aid in funding in case the vendors are not ablet to donate. $100.00 check is to be mailed to me from IMS, (not recieved yet).   Sunya to continue to coordinate.
#8:  Reminder, this coming week is OR Nurse's Week. 
Meeting:  October 17, 2007
O'Charley's Restaurant
Meeting called to order by: President, Tom Boswell
Members Present: Sherry Masters, Sue Bowers, Sherry Peneguy, Sherry Bass, Judy Gifford, Betsy Sramek, Anita Sanzin, Gina Nye, Carol McNight, Mary Thompson, Jennifer West, Mike Paulk, Paula Koen, Mary Corley, Ivory Dixon, Debbie Henley, and Sunya Laws
Topics: 1st:  Would like to welcome all attendees to the meeting.  We are very pleased to have you attend and please come again and JOIN AORN.  Our local chapter needs members.  Christmas Party at Emeril's December 15, 2007 at 6:30 p.m. Sunya to continue to work on funding from vendors. (2 verbal confirmations so far).
Ornament fundraiser (Anita).  Decided to go ahead with ordering 100 ornaments, 50 with crawfish & 50 with lighthouse if possible, if not, then 100 of the lighthouse with "Mississippi Sound AORN chapter 2007" on the back.  Would like to sell for $15.00 each and each facility commit to selling 20 each (Hancock Memorial, MHG, Garden Park, OS, VA and Biloxi Regional)
(Tom) Delegate selection: to be discussed at next meeting
Sherry: Raffle idea changed to a cruise fundraiser.  We can book a 4 day cruise from New Orleans to Cozumel at 432.00 per person with ocean view rooms.  Deposit is $7000.00, a minimum of 50 rooms.  Every 16th person is free.  Set to sail in weekends of Feb 14th or 28th, 2008.  To be discussed again at next meeting. (Sunya) Perioperative Nurse week is next month. Passed out flyers with gift ideas from an official sponsor of AORN.  Reminded everyone of the seminar on November 10, 2007 at IP Casino, "Together Again, Illuminating the Passion". Deadline is November 1, 2007.
(Tom) next meeting to be held at Garden Park 1st floor conference room at 1630 on November 7, 2007.  Dinner at O"Charley's to follow.  Jay Smith to present inservice for CEU.  Sunya also to offer on-line CEU. 
Meeting adjourned at 1800.
Meeting:  September 19, 2007
O'Charley's Restaurant
Meeting called to order by President:  Tom Boswell
Members Present:  Sherry Bass, Sunya Laws, Shirley Gunter, Debra Huntley, Betsy Sramek, Paula Koen.
Topics:  discussed plans to send delegates to Congress: possibles are Alicia, Tom ( of course), and Debbie Henley.   Will officially select members at next meeting.  Discussed Fundraiser, Christmas ornaments.  Anita to continue to organize with Gail Pittman.   Discussed Christmas party plans (Sunya).  Motion to have it on December 15th at Emeril's if possible. Motion @2nd by Sherry.  Discussed Coast Wide Christmas party on Dec 1st Sat in Long Beach at West harrison Espy building.  Encouraged all to attend.  Would like to have another business meeting on Dec. 5th to finalize delegate plans and fundraising efforts.  Debbie suggested a raffle.  Also, encouraged all to attend LA/MS seminar in November.   Meeting adjourned.
Meeting:  July 17, 2007
O'Charley's Restaurant
Meeting called to order by President: Tom Boswell
Members Present:  Alicia Urbanitch, Sherry Bass, Lynette Brown, Shirley Gunter, Debbie Huntley, Anita Sanzin, Betsy Sramek, Virginia Kenny, Sunya Laws,  guest (Paula Koen).
Topics:  Welcome Tom as new president, looking forward to a great year.  New officers are as follows:  Vice President-Sherry, Treasurer-Virginia, Secretary-Sunya, Board Members are Alicia and Anita, Nominating Committee is Betsy Sramek, Debbie Henley, and Shirley Gunter, President Elect-Mary Corley.
Topics:  Free seminar offered by Lifelink on July 28, 2007, in Mobile, Alabama.  Sign up online to register or mail in.  See Sunya for registration forms.
November 17ith is scheduled date for Mississippi/Louisiana seminar at IP casino  Details to be followed up by Sherry Bass.  Fundraising:  Anita to follow up on Christmas Ornament project.  Alicia to follow up with Zimmer Van educational activity.    Financial report: Virginia: balance $2071.00.  We made 4-500 dollars on suturing seminar.
President:  Motion to change meeting day to every third Wednesday at 1630.  Motion seconded by Alicia,  Meeting day changed which makes next meeting date September 19th.,  Meeting adjourned at 1800.
Meeting:  February 12, 2007
Garden Park Medical Center 1st floor Meeting Room
Meeting called to order by:  Madame President Anita Sanzin
Members Present:  Sherry Bass, Sunya Laws, Mary Corley, Shirley Gunter, Virginia Kenny, Betsy Sramek, Debbie Huntley.
Topics:  Delegate Selection:  Delegates are as follows:  Sunya, Debbie, and Anita.  Each given $500.00 for expenses.
 Fundraising:  Anita; still planning on Christmas ornament fundraiser underway with Lisa Reyes.
fundraising: Wound Closure Seminar in conjunction with Meridan Institute of Surgical Assisting.  Date determined will be April 28, 2007 8 hour in duration charge $100.00, pay in advance.  No CEU offered at this time, but Sunya to coordinate (if possible). Next meeting to be held at Chili's on March 6th 1630 on Orange Grove Gulfport, MS.
Christmas Party at Blow Fly Inn December 15, 2006.
Meeting:  Oct 17th at Garden Park is cancelled.  Rescheduled meeting times to be announced.  Thanks.
Meeting:  September 19, 2006  1700 at Gulfport Memorial Hospital 2nd floor SICU waiting room.
Meeting called to order by new chapter president:  Anita Sanzin.  Members present:  Tom Boswell, Betsy Sramek, Sherry Bass, Sunya Laws, Mary Corley, and Virginia Kenny.  Topics:  new officers are, President-elect Tom Boswell, Secretary Sunya Laws, Vice-President Betsy Sramek, Treasurer Virginia Kenny  Nominating Committee-Mary Corley, and Sherry Bass, Board of Directors-Tammy Tabor, Alicia Urbanitch, and Sandy Rutherford.      Balance in our account $1777.46 per Sherry.  Our CD has been combined into one and we will find out by next meeting.    Next meeting scheduled for Oct 17th at Garden Park for 1700.  Fundraising planning to be coordinated by Tom as golfing tournament.  More to follow.  Meeting adjourned at 1845 to meet over at education building.
Meeting:  January 17, 2006: 1630-1830 Biloxi Regional Medical Center Surgery Staff Lounge.
Members present:  Sherry Bass, Alicia Urbanitch, Virgina Kenny, Tom Boswell, Sunya Laws, Betsy Sramek, Mary Corley.  Meeting was called to order to discuss present situation.
Virginia made a motion that Sherry Bass replace Lisa Mixon on the nominating committee.  It was 2nd by Betsy.  Checking account balance is $2, 166.76.  Virginia stated that the check book and all of the financial information was lost in Hurricane Katrina.  Betsy will contact People's Bank to get the information on our CD.  Due to Hurricane Katrina, all members of our chapter suffered significant losses.  Minutes will continue to updated on the website, but previous meeting minutes, and other chapter business documentation were also lost in the storm. 
We elected to send three delegates to Congress in Washington D.C.  1. Sunya   2.  Sherry     3.  Anita or Chris.  The three alternate delegates are Tom, Betsy, and Virginia. Next meeting to be announced in April.    Meeting was adjourned at 1830.
Meeting:  September - December 2005 were cancelled due to Hurricane Katrina.
Meeting:  March 15, 2005 Gulf Coast Medical Center:  1630
Members present:  Alicia Urbanitch, Sherry Bass, Sunya Laws, Chris Poolson, Lisa Mixon, Michael Lomax, Virginia Kenny, Tammy Tabor, Betsy Sramek, Tom Boswell,  Mary Corley, and Anita Sanzin. 
Meeeting called to order by president:  First priority was to proceed with election of new officers and voting ballots were distributed. 
Election results for May 2005-May 2006 are as follows: 
President :  Sunya Laws
President Elect:  Anita Sanzin
Vice President:  Chris Poolson
Secretary:  Sandy Rutherford
Treasurer:  Virginia Kenny
Board Officers:  Tom Boswell & Mary Corley
Tammy Tabor & Penny Renwick (off in 2006)
Nominating Committee:  Lisa Mixon & Betsy Sramek (off in 2006)
Meeting:  February 15, 2005 Biloxi Regional Medical Center

   Prior to the meeting attendees watched “Fire Safety in the O.R.”.


          The meeting was held at Biloxi Regional Medical Center.  Alicia Urbanitch was unable to attend.  The meeting was called to order by Sherry Bass. 


          Sherry Bass presented the financial report.  The checking account balance was $3,444.00.


          Alicia Urbanitch, Sunya Laws, and Anita Sanzin will be attending Congress as our chapter’s delegates.  Tom Boswell will also attend as an alternate.  A motion was made by Carolyn Cross to send only 3 delegates from our chapter to Congress this year.  The motion was seconded by Chris Poolson. 

          A meeting was scheduled for March 15, 2005, 1800 at Gulf Coast Medical Center.


Meeting:  January 18, 2005 Olive Garden

Meeting called to order by President.
Members Present:  Chris Poolson, Penny Renwrick, Tammy Tabor, Sandy Rutherford, Virginia Kenny, Carolyn Cross, Sherry Bass, Anita Sanzin, Novalin Dodson, Shirley Gunter.

Meeting Topics:  Congress on April 3-7th in New Orleans    Delegate Selection: Motion made by Sherry to send 3 delegates and one alternate. Chris second the motion.  Agreed to send Anita as alternate, Alicia, Tammy, and Virginia as      delegates.  Our chapter to pay registration $200 cash to each delegate. Discussed last year's delegates who were Sandy, Chris, Alicia, Pres-Carolyn, and Virginia as alternate.  (Sherry): Financial report: Balance $4,384.78  (Sunya): Discussed updates for newsletter  (Alicia): Discussed upcoming Zapfacts seminar coming up this Saturday.  Asked that everyone please encourage staff to attend.  Next meeting scheduled for February 15th at Biloxi Regional Medical Center.  Educational offering will be available.  At 1815, meeting adjourned.

Meeting:  December 7, 2004 Christmas Party at Jordan River Steamer Restaurant
Meeting called to order by President.
Members present:  Sherry Bass, Gail Recore, Lynette Brown, Sandy Rutherford, Tammy Tabor, Chris Poolson, Virginia Kenny, Betsy Sramek, and Sunya Laws.
Meeting Topics:  Dirty Santa theme Christmas Candles  
                                Upcoming Meeting Jan 18, 2004  
                                Zapfacts Seminar   
                                Disinfection and Sterilization Update Seminar
                                Upcoming Congress Events
                                Welcome dinner guest: Lynette Brown
                                Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
Meeting:  September 21, 2004 4:30 p.m. at Olive Garden.
Meeting called to order  by new president Alicia Urbanitch.
Members present: Chris Poolson, Sherry Bass, Mary Harvey, Virginia Kenny, Carolyn Cross, Sunya Laws, and Gina Nye.  Inservice presentation was by ON-Q pain pumps by I-Flow.  Speaker was Ted Pearson and clinical educatior Gloria Schneider, CRNP.
Meeting topics:
  • Upcoming meeting to be scheduled for December 7th.
  • Recruitment of new members.  All our responsibility.
  • Long term goals:  Re-attempt Zap Facts seminar (Sherry)
  • Short term goals:  Each facility provide newsletter updates and current email addresses. (Sunya)
  • December 7th, Christmas party at the Jordan River Steamer Restaurant on Hwy 603.  Theme:  candles, $10.
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.
Meeting:  May 4, 2004 4:30 p.m. at Biloxi Regional Medical Center:
Meeting called to order by Carolyn Cross
Members present:  Mary Corley, Sherry Bass, Anita Sanzin, Sandy Rutherford, Virginia Kenny, Alicia Urbanitch, Bridget Hancock, and Merwin.  Inservice presentation was by Zimmer.
Meeting Topics:
  • Election of new officers
  • Membership recruitment
  • Meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.
Meeting:  (Board Meeting Only) February 17, 2004  4:30 p.m. at the Olive Garden Restaurant in Biloxi.
Meeting called to order by president:  Carolyn Cross
Members present:  Sunya Laws, Sherry Bass, Chris Poolson, Betsy Sramek, Anita Sanzin, Sandy Rutherford, and Alicia Urbanitch.
Meeting Topics:
  • Confirmation of Delegates to Congress:  Carolyn, Sandy, Alicia and Chris.
  • Discussed potential candidates.  Will review credentials between now and voting time.
  • Receiving $100.00 donation from Mark Livingston.
  • Agreed to give each delegate $200.00 each for expenses.
  • Discussed Congress agenda and responsibilities.
  • Meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.
Meeting:  January 20, 2004   4:30 p.m. Los Tres Amigos in Bay St. Louis.
Meeting called to order by president:  Carolyn Cross
Members present:
Chris Poolson, Alicia Urbanitch, Sunya Laws, Sandy Rutherford, Tammy Tabor, Sherry Bass, Tom Boswell, Betsy Sramek, Virginia Kenny, and welcome to Bonnie Malley.
Meeting Topics:
  • Discussed delegates and their responsibilities.  Delegate chair will be Alicia Urbanitch.  She will be the state reporter.  She will reponsible for announcing our presence for the representation of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
  • Delegates are as follows:  Carolyn, Sandy, Sherry, Alicia, and Chris.
  • Inservice by Glen Prechac was quite enjoyable and informative on Endoscopic Technology Updates.
  • Next meeting to be scheduled for 3rd Tuesday in February at 1630 at the Olive Garden in Biloxi.
  • Treasurer's Report:  Sherry reports our balance as of November 17, 2003 of $1696.00    The delegates registration has been paid.  We received several checks that we have been waiting to arrive .  Spent $150.00 to Phyllis' Family.  Balance as of January 19, 2004 comes to $1759.79.  Still owe delegates about $150.00 each.  Zapfax Seminar was cancelled but will try to reschedule in the near future. 
  • Membership is down to 75 members.  Please try to increase membership in your workplaces.
  • Meeting adjourned at 2000.
Meeting: December (No meeting) (See Christmas party link).
Business Meeting:  November 18, 2003    4:30 p.m. Olive Garden.
Meeting called to order by President, Carolyn Cross.
Members present:
Sandy Rutherford, Betsy Sramek, Tammy Tabor,  Alicia Urbanitch, Sherry Bass and welcome to Bridget Merwin.
Meeting Topics:
  • Treasurer's Report:  (Sherry)  The current balance in our account is $1696.46.  Delegates are registered for Congress.  The cost was $105.00 each for four (Carolyn, Sandy, Alicia, and Chris).
  • Zapfax:  Valleylab fundraiser is scheduled for January 10, 2004.  Carolyn will be mailing the list to the Valleylab nurse educator and will be sending individual hospitals a copy of the actual brochure when received. 
  • Website:  Motioned by Sherry that in addition to posting the newsletter on the website, that we email the individual members.  Seconded by Sandy.  Sunya to implement as she receives current email addresses.
  • Christmas Dinner:  Motioned by Sandy to use $270.00 towards our holiday dinner if we are unable to get a sponsor.  Dinner to be at "Tigre's" if sponsored and at "Drew's",  if we pay ourselves.  Scheduled for December 16th and gift exchange will be socks. ($10.00 limit).  Seconded by Sherry.

Meeting adjourned at 5:45 p.m.  Bloodless Medicine Inservice at Gulf Coast Medical Center at 6:00 p.m.


Board Meeting:  October 21, 2003    6:00 p.m. at Olive Garden, Biloxi.


Meeting called to order by President, Carolyn Cross.

Members present:

Sandy Rutherford, Betsy Sramek, Tammy Tabor, Sunya Laws, Alicia Urbanitch, Chris Poolson, and Sherry Bass.

Meeting Topics:

  • Election of delegates to Congress.  Motion made to send, Carolyn, Alicia, Sandy, and Chris.  Alternates are Betsy, Tom (Gulfport Surgery Center) and Sherry.  Motion seconded by Sunya. We are reminded to send in registration fees early to recieve discounts.
  • Zap fax fundraiser sponsored by Valleylab:  Rachel Foster is the point of contact.  Location to be at the Imperial Palace in 4 hour sessions (7a-12p). Cost $45.00 per person and 4.5 CEUs awarded.  They will provide breakfast and registration.
  • AORN Nurse's Week is November 9th-15th.  Carolyn to implement some special recognition on the coast.
  • Cory Ezell (IMS representative) to donate round trip tickets to sponsor AORN congress delegates.  Details at the next meeting.
  • Adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

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