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Archived Meeting Minutes 2012-2016

These are meeting minutes archived from 2012-2016.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Christmas Party Dinner Meeting on Dec 5th, 2016 at 5:30pm located at Corks and Cleavers in Gulfport MS. Meeting was called to order by Madame President Betsy Sramek. Minutes are as follows: 1. Basket winners are: Robert Rice and Jenny Lind. 2. $873 was raised for the basket. 3. Compliments to April and Anita on all the hard work in getting the baskets arranged!!! 4. Suggested fund raisers are a Valentine's basket--motion by Alicia and 2nd by Sherry. Cindy Powell will do the basket and Len Thompson will do the flyer. 5. Financial statement is $5, 914.91 6. Len, Bonnie, Cindy and April are interested in being delegates. Sherry made a motion to fund $1,500 per delegate. Robert Rice 2nd the motion. (Cindy and April went last year. Bonnie and Len attended in 2015.) 7. Next meeting will be Jan 9th at MHG and Cindy will get a sponsor. April will try to arrange Feb. attendees: Anita Sanzin, April Sanzin, Len Thompson, Cindy Powell, Stephanie Parks, Paula Koen, Bonnie Garrett, Robert Rice, Betsy Sramek, Sherry Bass, Pat Brown, Alicia Urbanitch, Shelly Burton, and Tammy Nance. Speakers were from Ethicon: Brad, Tim and Jim. \
November 7, 2016 5:30 pm at Salute Restaurant Guest Speaker: Dave Melancon from Members present: Madame President: Betsy Sramek, Alicia Urbanitch, Pat Brown, Sunya Laws, Robert Rice, Anita Sanzin, April Sanzin, Sherry Bass, Bonnie Garrett, Mary Thompson, Paula Koen, Shelly Burton, Shirley Gunter. Meeting was called to order on time, by Madame President Betsy Sramek. Guest Speaker D. Melancnon and R. Williams from Optimus Medical. Special thanks to our sponsors, we appreciated it so much. Review last meetings, nothing to add or revise. Announcements: We have confirmed our Christmas Party Dinner Meeting to be at Cork and Cleavers in Gulfport on Dec 5th, Monday night. Private dining room has been reserved by Alicia, sponsored by Ethicon, Brad Palazzo. Thanks so much. Financial Report: Last meeting our balance was $5809.00 from Virginia. She was not able to be at meeting, so we will table that until next meeting. Education; CEU. Sunya will resend email for everyone to complete their assignment and send me their copy of certificate or bring to next meeting. Requirement is 3 CEU per year. Fundraising: BIG PROJECT: raffle gift basket. Tickets will be $2 each or 3 tickets for $5. This year we will have 2 baskets to raffle off. Betsy brought some tickets in case some want to get ahead of the game. Still have time for other members to bring donations, even to next meeting. Other fundraising ideas for spring include, selling popcorn and discount cards-presented by Bonnie. Will table and aim to discuss at December or January meeting. Congress business: table to next meeting, however we aim to register early so we can get a discount. We can send 3 delegates, including the president, so we need 2 more representatives. Meeting adjourned at 7pm. Next meeting is Christmas Dinner Party on Dec 5th, 5:30.
October 10, 2016 Bull's Restaurant in Long Beach, MS 5:30pm. Members Present: Alicia Urbanitch, Betsy Sramek, Mary Lynn Thompson, Bonnie Garrett, Cindy Powell. Guest Speaker and Presentation by Jimmy Pierce on Stryker's SURGICOUNT (scanning device to ensure counts are correct). Meeting was called to order on time by Madame President Betsy. Agenda: 1. Gift Basket raffle fundraiser. Reminder everyone to bring donated gifts for the raffle. Sunya to sent out reminder email. Need all members to bring their contribution to next meeting. 2. Next meeting Nov 7th 5:30pm, to be announced once Madame President confirms (Betsy to arrange next meeting). Financial report will be available next meeting. No motions made. 3. Recruitment ideas: Encourage members to bring someone to next meeting. Meeting adjourned by Madame President at 7pm.
September 12, 2016 Cork and Cleavers in Gulfport, MS. 5:30 Members Present: Betsy Sramek, Sunya Laws, Pat Brown, Sherry Bass, Anita Sanzin, Virginia Kenny, Robert Rice, Shelly Burton, Lora Brewer, Amanda Payne, Cindy Powell, Mary Thompson, Alicia Urbanitch. Madame President Betsy Sramek called the meeting to order on time at 1730. Host: Ethicon Guest Speaker: Brad Pallazo, presented Surgiflo (surgical sealant) CEU offering, members to log onto for surgical continuing education. Review last meeting minutes (Sunya to bring copy of last meeting minutes to each meeting in future). Delegates count is at 3 including the president. Our membership is now at 40. (Sunya to check with the national chapter relations coordinator since some of the members on our roster are in question). Motion (Sherry) to set the future meeting dates, seconded by (Sunya). Oct 10th, Nov 7th, Dec 5th (Christmas Party-Alicia to book location)future meeting dates TBA. (the VA to host the November meeting) Fundraising: Lynn and Cindy to chair and coordinate raffling 3 theme baskets to raise money to send members to Congress (in Boston in April). Want to have the drawing by Dec 5th Christmas Party. Ask reps for donations. Will ask Bonnie to chair selling candy bars after New Year's as another fundraiser. Financial Report: Virginia- we now have $5809.00 in our checking account in Hancock Bank. All CDs have been cashed in and deposited. The national chapter automatically deposits money into our acct as members pay their national dues. Potential candidates for Congress should consider reviewing the points system sheet if they plan on submitting a request to attend Congress as a delegate and also review delegate duties as well. See AORN website for delegate responsibilities. It lists specific duties and responsibilities for delegates. Next meeting Oct 10th, location TBA. Meeting adjourned at 7pm.
May 2, 2016 Phonecias Restaurant in Ocean Springs 5:30pm Members Present: Sherry Bass, Ivory Dixon, Cynthia Powell, Sunya Laws, Patricia Brown, Bonnie Garrett, Mary Thompson, Angie Herron, Leslie Goff, Anthony Ducofe, Novaline Dodson, Lora Brewer, Shirley Gunter, Paula Koen, Anita Sanzin, Alicia Urbanitch, Marissa Smith, Mendora Natasha, Sean Grametbauer and Virginia Kenny. Our Host was Kim Summerlin and Peggy Luebbert was Guest Speaker. Meeting was called to order by Madame President, Sherry Bass. Presentation: Role of the Environment in HAI and Steps to Mitigate the Risk. Election of new officers: Betsy to assume role of President in Sept meeting. Anita Sanzin: President-Elect, Paula Koen (VP), Board Members: Debbie Henley, Pat Brown, April Sanzin, and Lora Brewer. Nominating Committee: Lynn Thompson, Margin Allen, and Cindy Powell. Meeting was adjourned by Madame President. To resume meetings in the fall in September.
March 7th meeting 5:30 at Oyster Reef club in Long Beach Members present: Madame President Sherry Bass, Betsy Sramek, Cynthia Powell, Sunya Laws, Virginia Kenney, Patricia Brown, Bonnie Garrett, Debbie Henley, Mary Thompson, Stephanie Parks, Novalin Dodson, Paula Koen, Anita Sanzin, Shelly Burton. Meeting was brought to order by Madame President at 6:30 following the presentation/educational offering from Carefusion. TOPIC: Financial Report from Virginia: Deposited 2 cashed in CDs total $4196.34. Reimbursed Sherry for paying for registration and flights for Congress check # 171 and #172 total $3841.24. total in checking is $2199.00
TOPIC: fundraising: Zombie Run-Lea Thompson. Motion made by Sherry to postpone efforts due to Stryer Workshop in New Orleans. Sunya 2nd motion. TOPIC: Ballot preparation for May elections upcoming. Please check email for ballots.
TOPIC: April 11th meeting sponsored by Baxter at Morton's Steak House. May 2nd meeting sponsored by Kimberly Clark. location TBA. TOPIC: Congress voting suggestions for Attendees (Virginia, Sherry, and April Sanzin). Meeting adjourned. MEETING FEB 2, 2016 AORN MS Sound Chapter Meeting was held Feb. 2nd, 2016 at 5:30 PM in the OR Conference Room at Memorial. It was dismissed at 6:45. Attending: Sherry Bass, Anita Sanzin, Betsy Sramek, Debbie Henley, Virginia Kenny, and Marry Corley. Education: Brad Palazzo, from Ethicon, briefly discussed his staple line and coagulant agents. Business: 1. April and May meetings. Summer break from June thru August. Resume in Sept., 2016 2. Financial Report, $1,500 check to Sherry Bass for AORN Congress reimbursement. JAN 11, 2016 MEETING AORN MS Sound Chapter Meeting was held Jan. 11th at 5:30 PM in the cafeteria of MHG. It was dismissed at 7:00PM Attending: Sherry Bass, Betsy Sramek, Len Thompson, Cindy Powell, Pat Brown, Bob Smith, Virginia Kenny, Bonnie Garrett, Gayle Camp, Jan Deschanes, Alicia Urbanitch, &Connie Morar Education: Connie Morar, from 3M, presented Surgical Site Infection Reduction. CEUs for the presentation are available at the #M Health Care Academy on-line. Business: 1. Drawing for Wine Basket was held. Connie Morar drew the winning ticket which belonged to Tamme Russell from Ocean Springs. The ticket was sold by Debbie Henley. $1,105.05 was counted by Cindy Powell then recounted by Virginia Kenny and Betsy Sramek. The money was given to the treasurer to deposit. 2. It was agreed by all that April Sanzin would replace Lora Brewer as delegate this year. Other delegates are Sherry Bass and Virginia Kenny. Sherry will book flight, condo and registration this week. 3. Next meeting is at Morton’s Steak House at Golden Nugget. It will be sponsored by Baxter to introduce their Tachosil product. Sherry will confirm this. 4. Vivian Watson’s notice about her “Passionate Journey” book was passed around. 5. Financials remained the same. Checking has $538.85. Hancock Bank CD has $3,690.88 and matures 5-3-16. Regions CD has $1,133.17 and matures 2-12-16. A 2nd CD at Regions has $3,063.56 and matures 2-19-16. Total CD is $7,887.61 6. There was no discussion on future fund raising or Facebook page.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Nov 16, 2015 Meeting at Half Shell Gulfport. Members present: Betsy Sramek, Sherry Bass, Cynthia Powell, Sunya Laws, Patricia Brown, Donna Brown Holmes, Bonnie Garrett, Mary Thompson, Debbie Henley, Natalie Yaguab, Anita Sanzin, Alicia Urbanitch. Meeting called to order by Madame President Sherry Bass at 1730.   Meeting minutes:

Sponsor: Jennifer and Mat from baxter healthcare (no CEU offering) Presented tissell and coseal collagen patch.

Future Meetings:

• Move Jan meeting to 11th 3M Connie Morar

• Dec 7th Medline Ric Rogers Possibly, The Reef (TBD)

• Baxter to sponsor Feb 1st meeting, will introduce a product called tachosil for use in Cardiovascular procedures.. Will be a set menu at Morton’s Steakhouse inside the Golden Nugget casino in Biloxi closest to bridge.                                            Congress Attendees and Funding:
• Sherry motioned to send. 2nd by Debbie. *** Sherry, Lora and Virginia to go. **** • All delegates need to apply for scholarship. • Funding: Sherry will put on credit card and she will try to book everything. Will reimburse Sherry in May 2016 when one of the CDs mature.   • Motion to spend $1200 per person. Motioned by Debbie second by Betsy .     • CDs # 1695 # 9430 mature in May comes to 4800 total.                   Fundraising:      Len proposed a race for fundraiser I, March. Will meet with Nita Deuron CRNA. Len has not heard back from Drama teacher.   • Synthes may do Bone Saw Clinic

• Wound Closure Clinic: idea to do a program with Ethicon. Donna Holmes to find out who rep is and follow up and co-sponsor the event. Donna is officer in CST. Sherry and Donna to collaborate on a suture skin closure course. MHG doctors may teach parts of the course. 
• Wine Basket: Anita will collect the items for now. Next mtg, Dec 2nd we will hand out a group of tickets. Lora and April still are the spearheading the project. Each hospital to sell 100 tickets each. $2 each or 3 for $ 5. Will sell as a New Year’s Eve prize.  • Memorial donated massage, tea basket, bottle of cabernet, and Godiva chocolates.   • Singing river: Georgia moonshine, apothecary red wine (one bottle).    • VA 2 bottles of white wine. Sunya will contact Bob to collect his donation and give to Lora.   • Bonnie has info on variety candy for fundraiser. Will have to order it online. We may can do it in spring . (will readdress next meeting).                                Recap of Future meetings:  
• Dec 7th Medline dinner Holomatrix product.  
• Jan 11th 2nd Monday 3m rep connie. Morrar. Meeting place TBD    • Feb 1st Baxter at Mortons Steakhouse in Golden Nugget.    • March 7th Dena Murray choloraprep Debbie to coordinate     • April 2-4 is Congress    
• April 11th Angiodynamics Debbie to coordinate               o Additional future meeting sponsor recruiting:

 Pat will get with Matt from Stryker    Debbie to get with Bill Lizanna    Education/CEUs

• Sunya to bring in CEU from Medline Unversity next meeting. Attendees must participate together.

Financialshhh• $458 in our checking account.  • CD 9430 matures 5/3/2016 ($3693) to reimburse Sherry  
• CD 1695 matures 2/12/2016 ($1133) to reimburse Sherry 
• CD 1679 matures 2/19/2017 ($3064)  Wine Basket Fundraiser Ticketing:  • 100 tickets to each facility. Betsy motion each hosp to sell 100 tickets, Sherry to second.   • 100 tickets to each individual as follows:    o VA: Alicia   Singing River: Debbie      o MHG: Len, Cindy, Betsy, and Bonnie  
  o Garden Park: Anita    o Biloxi Regional: Anita to forward to Lora and April       Virginia (absent) Sunya to forward to Virginia            Facebook Page: Next meeting, April will receive the password for facebook page.   
______________________________________________                                        November 2, 2015 Meeting at Mary Mahoney's in Biloxi. Members present: Sherry bass (president) Alicia Urbanitch, Debbie Henley, Virginia Kenny, Paula Koen, April Sanzin, Betsy Sramek, Cindy Powell, Mary Thompson, Bob Smith,  Connie Morar, Patricia Brown, Anita Sanzin, Shirley Gunter, Lora Brewer Meeting called to order by Madame President Sherry Bass.  Our host for meeting was Hologic (Brandy Weatherly) topic gynecologic procedures.    At our 11-2-15 meeting we discussed the following:

1. Every hospital needs to bring 2 items for the fund raiser wine basket to the Nov. 16th meeting. The drawing will be held on Dec 2nd so we must all sell tickets intensely.

2. Sunya will bring the tickets to distribute. $2 per ticket or 3 for $5

3. The Medline Halomatrix rep will sponsor the Dec 7th meeting. Location still to be determined.

4. The January meeting has been moved to the 11th. Connie Morar, with 3-M, will be sponsoring the meeting and she is still working on the location.

5. Laura has proposed a theme for our Facebook page: "Getting Ignited".

6. Sunya will provide April with the password to the Facebook page.

7. Len Thompson is looking into a Glow Stick Run as a possible fund raiser.

8. Our Synthes rep, Layden Owen, is looking into a Saw Bones Course for a Winter fund raiser.

9. The following delegates were proposed: Laura Brewer, Virginia Kenny, & Sherry Bass. We will make a motion to confirm them on Nov 16th so scholarships can be applied for promptly. Reimbursement for Congress will not occur until our CDs mature in 2016.

 We discussed the CANSPAM act.  No issues, all members were advised. Motion made by Alicia, 2nd by Sunya to send Lora as first delegate. Motion made by Shery, 2nd by Alicia to send Virginia as delegate. Motion made by Alicia, 2nd by Betsy to send Paula as alternate, back up delegate.  We can send 3 delegate, Sherry as president will go automatically pending her arrival of Joint Commission arrival at that time.  Financial Report presented by Virginia:  We have $458 in our checking.  We still have 3 CDs:  Hancock Bank: balance $3693 matures May 3, 2016. Regions Bank CD#1:  $3064 matures 2/19/2017 and CD#2 $1,133 matures 2/12/2016. Total in CDs $7,892.    Fundraising:  Motion made by Sherry, 2nd by Sunya to take proceeds for gift basket fundraiser to give toward delegates expenses, specifically the hotel costs.  Sherry made motion, 2nd by Alicia to give each delegate $1000 also for expenses.  Meeting adjourned at 7pm.  Next meeting Nov 16, 2015 at Half Shell in Gulfport 2nd floor at 5:30pm.

September 17, 2015:  MHG OR conference rm 5:30pm

Members present:  Betsy Sramek, Sunya Laws, Sherry Bass, Mary Thompson, Bonnie Garrett, Debbie Henley, Lora Brewer, April Sanzin, Paula Koen, Anita Sanzin, Alicia Urbanitch, Bob Smith, Amy Johnson.

Madame President Sherry Bass opened the meeting:  We discussed fund raising and listed below are the suggestions and the person that will be following up with information at this meeting:1. Dinner Theater---Len Thompson   2. Candy Sales---Bonnie Garrett  3. Wine Crate Raffle---Lora Brewer

We also discussed future speakers and educational opportunities. Listed below were the ideas and the person responsible for following up:  1. Myosure (Brandy Weatherly)---Debbie Henley (Done)    2. Synthes (Layden) Saw Bone Course next Spring---Sherry Bass    3. Malignant Hyperthermia (Stephanie Parks)---Anita Sanzin    4. 3-M (Connie Morar)---Sherry Bass (Possibly January)      5. AngioDynamics (Stuart McCall)---???? 

April Sanzin will be doing the Facebook Page.     We will also try to pick delegates for Congress at Monday's meeting.  We also need to pick dates for the rest of our monthly meetings. Right now we are looking at Nov. 16th and Dec. 7th.  Last but least, we need to up-date our email list so please see if there is anyone that we have left out and bring their contact information.  Next meeting :  Oct 26, 2015  Meeting adjourned at 7pm

June 3, 2015 Special Business Meeting called to complete election of new officers.  Held at ElGuilla restaurant in Gulfport at 5:30pm.  Members present- Paula Koen, Margie Allen, Sherry Bass, Mary Thompson, Virginia Kenny, Debbie Henley. Virginia gave report or finances and discussed fund raisers. Officers elected.  New Officers  President- Sherry Bass President Elect- Betsy Sramek Vice President- Bob Smith  Secretary- Sunya Laws   Treasurer-Virginia Kenney   Board Members  Debbie Henley  Alicia Urbanitch                                                 

Laura Brewer   Nominating Committee   Lynn Thompson   Margie Allen   Wendy Wilkins  Meeting adjourned at 1830

April 9, 2015 at El Aguilla Restaruant in Gulfport.  Members present:   Paula Koen, Anita Sanzin, Sherry Bass, Betsy Sramek, Lora Brewer, April Sanzin    Meeting was called to order by Madame President Paula Koen.   Discussed upcoming nominations for officers for next year and contacted nomination committee for nominations. We discussed the issue of disbanding the the chapter because of non attendance but decided we would go on another year and to and try to continue the chapter. Discussed fund raiser of having a dinner theater and selling candy again. Next meeting at El Aguila at 5:30. May 14 we will nominate new officers for coming year.
February 5, 2015 Elguilla Restaurant  5:30  Members present:  Betsy Sramek, Sherry Bass, Pat Brown, Debbie Henley, Mary Lee Thompson, Lora Brewer, Paula Koen, Anita Sanzin, Alicia Urbanitch, Margie Allen.    Discussed fundraising, No CE offering.  Meeting adjourned 6:30
January 19, 2015  Memorial Hospital at Gulfport  5pm 

Special meeting was called ON Monday January 29th at Memorial Hospital  to confirm delegate selection for Congress. Attendees were:  Sherry Bass, Paula Koen, Alicia Urbanitch, Bonnie Garrett, Betsy Sramek, Sherry Masters, ** Virginia Kenny and Sunya Laws** (via teleconference) and Pat Brown.  A motion was initiated by Sherry Bass and 2nd by Sunya Laws (via teleconference) to send Bonnie to replace Paula who is unable to attend.  Funding will be provided as necessary to each delegate.  They are as follows:  Bonnie Garrett, and Lynn Thompson, and Pat Brown as the Chair.  Our next meeting will be on FEB 5th at 5:30 AT ELGUAVE'S RESTAURANT ON TEAGARDEN RD GULFPORT.   Meeting Adjourned at 6pm. 

December 11, 2014: ElGuave Restaurant at 5:30  Members present:  Betsy Sramek, Mary Thompson, Debbie Henley, Marjorie Allen, Paula Koen, Anita Sanzin, Alicia Urbanitch, Bob Smith, Virginia Kenny.  Christmas Party Meeting.  

May 1, 2014 Biloxi Regional at 5:30 pm  Meeting called to order by Madame President Debbie Henley. Members present:  Betsy Sramek, Sherry Bass, Sunya Laws, Sara Lee, Paula Taylor, Lora Brewer, Alicia Urbanitch, Bob Smith, Wendy Wilkins and Wendy Lomax.  Vendor, Connie Moran 3M was our sponsor.  Elections were completed for new officers:                                              

President Elect Carol Sue Yon  Current President- Paula Koen  Vice President- Bob Smith  Board Members: Alicia Urbanitch, Paula Taylor and new board member  Lora Brewer   Nominating Committee Wendy Wilkins, Betsy Sramek, and Debbie Henley  Secretary/Website Designer: Sunya Laws  Treasurer: Virginia Kenny 

Wendy Wilkins agreed to be fundraising coordinator for a 5K Run over the Ocean Springs Bridge this fall or maybe Hiller Park.  Next meeting to be scheduled for Sept 11, 2014 at Biloxi Regional at 5:30 pm. Meeting adjourned at 6pm.

April 24th 2014 5:30 pm.   BUSINESS Meeting:  Meeting called to order by Madame Presidnet Debbie Henley. Members present: Betsy Sramek, Sunya Laws, Paula Taylor, Lora Brewer, Paula Koen, Virginia Kenny  Topics:  reviewed last months meeting minutes.  fundraising:  Vendor Fair coordinator Paula Taylor 5K Run coordinator Wendy Wilkins (Debbie will discuss with her to see if it is possible for our chapter to do).  Virginia Kenny treasurer could not complete IRS form 990.  She consulted with IRS agent who advised her to fill out alternative tax paperwork form 8718 and paid a fee of $400 to  classify our chapter as an exempt organization regarding tax filing purposes.  A motion was made by Lora Brewer, 2nd by Betsy Sramek.  We also made a motion to move 2CDs from Regions Bank to Hancock Bank. Motioned by Paula Taylor, 2nd by Paula Koen.  We also discussed voting and election of new officers.  Decided to plan for next meeting on May 1, 2014 at Biloxi Regional at 5:30 pm.  Education offering by Sunya Laws on How effective are your hand Sanitizing Techniques:  New Discoveries and Considerations materials by MedlineUniversity. I Contact Hour is awarded from Medline Uiversity.  Meeting adjourned at 5:35 pm by Madame President.
April 10, 2014 Meeting 4:30pm  Presentatiion hosted by  Keesler Air Force Base Surgery Dept.  Members present:  Sherry Bass, Betsy Sramek, Alicia Urbanitch, Ivory Dixon, Paula Taylor, Lora Brewer, Paula Koen, Sunya Laws,  Major Wendy Wilkins Hostess, and a host of other AORN members & non-members.  Presenter:  Joan Sullivan with Stryker Sustainability Solutions, Doug Smith with Zero Waster Solutions.  1 hour Ceu offering by Sunya Laws on Bariatric Skin Care.  (See picture in your email from Keesler Newsletter).  Adjourned at 6 pm.

March 13, 2014   BUSINESS Meeting Minutes at Biloxi Regional

Meeting called to order by Madame President President Debbie Henley.  Members present;  Lora Brewer, Bob Smith, Patricia Brown, Paula Koen, Judy Schultz, Paula Taylor, Sarah Lee, Betsy Sramek, Sherry Bass  Amy Crow, Margaret Clevenger, Caroline Force, Mark Lents, Virginia Kenny, Elliie Wells, Traci Murray.  Inservice and welcome, Layden, Synthes.  Presented information on educational opportunities and benefits of participating on line at .  The site has lots of interactive/spine and ortho skeletal simulations and offers CEUs.  Business Meeting Agenda:  First:  we voted not to dissolve our chapter.  It was passed that chapter remain active.  Second, we discussed revising our bylaws, code of conduct and policy manual. (It had not been revised since 1983, which was done at that time by Sherry Bass).   Our chapter accountability standards are incomplete and must be updated/revised before June.  We reviewed all 11 of our Articles and voted/passed all edits, revisions, and modifications to meet our local chapter needs.  We discussed the vendor fair, and Paula Taylor was named as the coordinator to be held at Biloxi Regional tentatively.  A CEU was presented by Sunya Laws through  Medline University on Wrong Site Surgery.  1 CEU . Next meeting to be held at Keesler Medical Center on April 10th at 5:30 pm Meeting adjourned. 

Feb 11th Meeting Minutes at Biloxi Regional 
Meeting called to order by Madame President Debbie Henley. Discussion on Vendors Fair. Paula Taylor offered to have it at Biloxi Regional since it is centrally located on the Gulf Coast.   Motioned and agreed.  Date set for; May 13th from 5:30-7pm  Other business: trying to recruit new members and trying to get younger nurses to be active in AORN. Paula Taylor stated that officers elected need to be at the meeting regularly and actively participating.  The subject of Secretary Office position was  discussed and all members present agreed that the secretary is the most important officer.  It was discussed to change meeting date to accomodate the secretary.  It was decided that the President get with the secretary about time of meetings.  No other business was discussed. Business meeting was closed. Greg Mount did presentation and refreshments were served.  Meeting adjourned.

Members present:  Debbie Henley, Lora Brewer, Paula Taylor, Anita Sanzin, Paula Koen, and Virginia Kenney

Here is the minutes on our Jan. 14, 2014 meeting.
Dena Murray Chloraprep Rep. did an inservice and update on use of chloraprep and prepping. No CEU were included in this offereing.  Refreshments were served and business meeting was then conducted. Discussion was on Delegates to send to Chicago this year. Virginia Kenny gave report of the treasury and asked that we send only President and two other delegates. Sherry Bass proposed that we send President and two delegates and pay for registration and 1000. 00 to help with expenses. Vote was taken and passed. Discussion was on nominating delegates with Virginia Kenny asking if she could go and Sherry Bass asking if she could nominated. Debbie Henley said that Anita Sanzin and Paula Kohen were interested to go and asked if anyone else wanted to go. Laura Brewer said she was interested but because of working on her Master degree was unable. Sherry Bass said Paula would be going next year since she is president elect and Anita went last year as a delegate. Paula Taylor made a motion to send Sherry and Virginia and motion passed.



Host: David Melancon with Globus Neurology Division. Rep is  host.




AORN Meeting - Biloxi Regional   12 Nov 13

Members Present: 

Wendy H. Wilkins – Keesler AFB                -

Patricia A. Brown – Keesler AFB –

Virginia Kenny – HMC        Betsy Sramek – MHG

Sherry Bass – MHG      Paula Koen – GPMC

Lora Brewer – BRMC       Paula Taylor – BRMC

Sara Lee –               Debbie Henley – SRH

Tracie Murray – HMC –

Mathew Caruthers – HMC

The in-service was provided by Exparel.  It was very informative and 2 CEUs are available for mail in.  Innovative Options for Managing Postsurgical Pain – Grant Funds Provided by Pacira    

Old Business:  Bag Sales – ready to make an order.  3 week turn around on orders. Currently have $694 profit.

New Business:  Betsy has a speaker scheduled for next month’s meeting – Dave Malonsome, Neuro Spine Implant Rep.  Next Meeting scheduled for 10 Dec 12 – Location to be determine.  It was suggested this being our Christmas Party.

Discussion concerning FLU protocol for reps.  How each facility is policing whether reps have flu shots.  Rep tracking programs were also discussed as Keesler was desiring information as to which computer program was best and what each facility tracks. 

AORN   Meeting Minutes  May 15, 2013


The regular meeting of the AORN was called to order at 1730 on [date] in Biloxi Regional Hospital by Debbie Henley.


Paula Taylor, Lora Brewer, Alicia Urbanitch, Debbie Henley, Traci Maurray, Virginia Kenny, Sherry Bass, Betsy Sramek

Approval of Agenda     None   Approval of Minutes

No minutes present  

Open Issues:  How to increase attendance at meetings and membership.  How to help reimburse members so they will come to meetings and help pay dues. 

Various discussions- put name in hat each meeting you come to and draw names at Christmas Party.  Keep a roll of attendance and either enter all there into a chance to win money towards membership, or give each person $10 towards membership.  Should it be one per hospital, open to all- even members for past years?  No decision, will discuss at board meeting. 

New Business-    Election of New Officers

President Elect- Paula Koen      Vice-President – Betsy Sramek  Secretary- Sunya Laws    Treasurer- Virginia Kenny Board Members – 2nd Year- Sherry Masters     New-  Alicia Urbanitch Paula Taylor

Nominating Committee- 2nd Year – Ivory Dixon     New-  Sarah Lee

 Lora Brewer   Discussed and agreed to meet at Biloxi Regional since it is a central location     

 3.  Discussed fund raisers-  Traci Murray brought up how her daughters dance team was successful in raising money selling bags from Mixed Bags. 

Traci and Laura will research and make recommendation to board at a special Board Meeting to be held on June 10th at 1730 at Margaritaville. 

3.  This will be the last meeting and we will break for summer.  Next meeting for the group will be September 10th.                                           Then will be Oct 8th,  Nov 12th, Dec 10- should be the X-mas party

Agenda for Next Meeting :    Fund Raisers.   How to get increase in members and attendance at meetings.


Meeting was adjourned at 1800 by Debbie Henley. The next general meeting will be at September on 10, in Biloxi Regional.

Minutes submitted by:     Virginia Kenny

September 18, 2012 Memorial Hospital of Gulfport

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