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Point System Classification


Local Chapter Officers
President, Vice President, President-Elect,Secretary, Treasurer are worth 5 points.  Board of Director office is worth 3 points.
Actual Points: ________
National Officer
Any National Officer     10 points
Committee Chairman     8 points
Committee Member       6 points
Actual Points:_______
Standing Chapter
Committee Chairman    3 points
Actual Points: ________
Chapter Committee
Co-Chairman     2 points
Member            1 point
Actual Points: ________
Workshop Committee
Chairman       5 points
Co-Chairman  4 points
Member         2 points
Actual Points: ________
Coordinator  5 points
Actual Points: ________
Meeting Attendance
Chapter meetings      2 points
Committee meetings  2 points
Board meetings         2 points
Perfect Attendance    5 points
Actual Points: ________
Chapter Program
Speaker                   10 points
Member Attendance  10 points
Actual Points: ________
Participation Activities
Chapter sponsored OR nurse week
for each additional day:   3 points
Actual Points: ________
Other Activities
AORN workshops per day points
Recruitment of new member (per member), CNOR per year, Submitting information to National Newsletter, and Membership in other nursing organizations are worth: (Any of these are worth 2 points each).
Actual Points: ________
Other Requirements for delegate eligibility include: 
Calendar year July 1st-July 1st
Must belong to National AORN for 2 years
President may be 1st delegate
President-Elect may be 1st delegate
Delegates must be willing to serve
Except for the 1st delegate, selections are made by point system.
Total Points: